Departmental Bulletin Paper 子どものための美術体験の場「アートと遊びの広場」の実践報告 : 有志イベントにおける企画のあり方とオリジナリティに関する課題と考察
Practical report of creation of art experience place for children "Art and Play Area" : Consideration of voluntary events and workshop originality

重野, 裕美

14pp.65 - 78 , 2016-03 , 九州大学総合研究博物館
At the "6th Marsiesta for Everyone" event held on November 15, 2016, I implemented a plan for an "Art and Play Area for Children" that eliminates the boundary between the art and play areas. This report outlines the "Art and Play Area" and describes its creation process. It also sorts out various issues that arose in the process to create and implement this, and considers how to handle planning ideas for such an event organized by the private sector that includes volunteer elements, and how to prioritize.

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