Departmental Bulletin Paper 3項動詞と直接ニ受身文
Three-Place Verbs and Direct Ni-Passive Sentences

高井, 岩生

36pp.183 - 196 , 2016 , 九州大学大学院人文科学研究院言語学研究室
本論文では,[N ガ N ニ N ヲ]という形式を取る3 項動詞の受身文を観察し,Nニを主語名詞句とするような直接ニ受身文とNヲを主語名詞句とするような直接ニ受身文は派生の仕方が異なるということを論じる.
In this paper, I examine the passive sentences of (1a) and (1b). (1a) Goal-ga Agent-ni Theme-o V-rare (1b) Theme-ga Agent-ni Goal-ni V-rare I assume the passive morpheme rare_1 ,which reduces the external argument of the verb to which it attaches , the passive morpheme rare_2 in this passive adds an extra argument to the verb to which it attaches, following Takai & Hayashishita (2015). (1a) is derived when the rare_1 attaches to the verb, and (1b) is derived when the rare1 or rare_2 attaches to the verb.

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