Departmental Bulletin Paper 坂本勉先生と歩んできた道 : 日本語文の読みに関連する事象関連電位のこれまでとこれから
The past and future of event-related potentials research on Japanese sentence reading : A review of collaboration with Professor Tsutomu Sakamoto

諏訪園, 秀吾

36pp.163 - 181 , 2016 , 九州大学大学院人文科学研究院言語学研究室
The collaboration with Professor Tsutomu Sakamoto was reviewed. As presented at an international conference in Fukuoka in 2005, a cognitive task in which the subjects needed to correct grammatically incongruent case particles to congruent ones modified P600 amplitude, especially at the later latency range. This result suggests that many attributes and characteristics might remain unknown about the ERP components elucidated by Japanese. It is not surprising to have various amplitude fluctuations in either a positive or negative direction, caused by factors including task design, subjects’ varying strategies, and probability effects. Such factors may cause unexpected multiple statistical interactions. When filler sentences are used improperly, they may reduce the frequency with which the subjects need to respond, and this can contaminate the unexpected probability effect, which is strictly avoided in areas of ERP research other than language. Based on these considerations, the establishment of a “standard stimulation set” is essential for the future development of language ERP studies using Japanese, as Professor Sakamoto also desired to invent.

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