Departmental Bulletin Paper De補語構文の解釈と有界性
The Interpretations of De-phrase and Boundedness

徐, 佩伶

36pp.147 - 161 , 2016 , 九州大学大学院人文科学研究院言語学研究室
In this paper, I focused on sentences with de-phrase in Mandarin Chinese, which have been discussed in the literature (Huang 1988, Li 1990, Aihara 1991, Sybesma 1999, Cheng 2007). It is well-known that de-phrase denotes manner reading and resultative reading. It is also claimed in previous studies that de-phrases with two different readings are analyzed as a result of the different structures with different lexical items (Li 1990, Cheng 2007). In this paper, I suggest that there is only one lexical item de and the difference between resultative reading and manner reading depends on the boundedness of XP that de selects. Moreover, I also claim that the subject NP in de-phrase plays a crucial role to determine the boundedness of de-phrase.

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