Departmental Bulletin Paper 満州語とシベ語の数詞についての若干の覚え書き : 満州語のemuci, juweciは「第一の」「第二の」ではない
A note on emuci and juweci in Manchu

久保, 智之

36pp.107 - 115 , 2016 , 九州大学大学院人文科学研究院言語学研究室
Manchu has ordinal numbers emu-ci ‘one-ORDINAL’ and juwe-ci ‘two-ORDINAL’. emuci does not mean ‘the first’, but is used in ‘eleventh’, ‘twenty-first’, ‘thirty-first’, and so on. Likewise, juweci does not mean ‘the second’, but is used in ‘twelfth’, ‘twenty-second’, ‘thirty-second’, and so on. This fact has been correctly described in some Manchu grammars, but in other grammars, even in some modern grammars or dictionaries, there are misinterpretations that these words can mean ‘the first’ and ‘the second’, which in fact are designated by the words uju(i) and jai respectively.

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