Departmental Bulletin Paper 芸術系ESP教育 : 映画を用いたパブリック・スピーキング指導

山下, 友子  ,  冬野, 美晴

2pp.131 - 136 , 2016-03-30 , 九州大学基幹教育院
This paper reports on teaching English for specific purposes (ESP) to students in the School of Design. In the class, "Academic English 3" for students studying design, the movie entitled "The Devil Wears Prada" and a design technique textbook were used in order to motivate students to learn English. In the thirteenth and fourteenth week, each group of students (3-4 people per group) chose a few movies and design techniques and made a presentation concerning how the design techniques were used effectively in movies. Each group was required to submit a script (500-1000 words) and slides (10-20 pages) for the presentation. We analyzed the submitted scripts (12,241 words), focusing on the choices of design technique and lexical choices of each speaker quantitatively with respect to frequency levels based on "JACET8000". The results showed that the students frequently chose design techniques such as "Rule of Thirds" and "Color" to explain how these techniques were used in movies. It was also found that they tended to avoid difficult words and chose basic vocabulary instead, using design terminology in some sentences in order to explain the terminology itself and/or how the design techniques were used effectively in movies. These results suggest that public-speaking training with movies and designs provided the students with opportunities to extend both their specialized knowledge of design and their linguistic knowledge of English.

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