Departmental Bulletin Paper 多次元アクティブ・ラーナー尺度の作成と信頼性・妥当性の検討

山形, 伸二  ,  山田, 政寛  ,  中園, 晴貴  ,  田中, 岳  ,  新谷, 恭明  ,  丸野, 俊一

2pp.86 - 94 , 2016-03-30 , 九州大学基幹教育院
This study developed Multi-Dimensional Active Learner Scale and examined its reliability and validity. Forty five items were developed in reference to the aims of KlKAN Education in Kyushu University. A questionnaire survey was completed by 353 undergraduate students. Results of exploratory factor analyses on the 45 items suggested six-factor solution, and 20 items were selected to achieve both ease of administration and reasonable reliability. The resultant scale consisted of six subscales: inquisitiveness, collaborative learning skills, striving to achievement, critical thinking, logical thinking, and perspective on university life. Confirmatory factor analysis on 20 items showed adequate fit. The overall scale and six subscales showed reasonable internal consistency (Cronbach's a = .86 for the overall scale, a = .62-.78 for the subscales). Correlations with self-directed learning, experience on group learning, and Big Five personality items suggested construct validity of the scale.

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