Departmental Bulletin Paper 新入学生の意識調査に基づく基幹教育セミナーの学習成果の検討

小島, 健太郎  ,  飯嶋, 裕治  ,  内田, 竜也  ,  緒方, 広明  ,  川島, 啓二  ,  斎藤, 新悟  ,  佐合, 紀親  ,  猿渡, 悦子  ,  田中, 岳  ,  田中, 真理

2pp.73 - 85 , 2016-03-30 , 九州大学基幹教育院
Based on a freshman attitude survey, learning outcomes of KUCAN education seminar are studied. KIKAN education seminar, which is a required subject for the first-year students, has newly started in April 2014 at Kyushu University. Main purpose of the seminar is to cultivate students' active and motivated learning style, which is considered to be a key ingredient for obtaining successful outcomes in life-long learning. The Inputs-Environment-Outputs model proposed by Astin suggests that learning outcomes of the seminar depend on personal qualities the students initially have. In order to study learning outcomes of the seminar, we surveyed freshman attitudes in Kyushu University in 2014 and 2015, focusing on their learning motivation, communication skills, and future perspective. The result revealed some aspects of attitudes and skills of first-year students in Kyushu University. Furthermore, we surveyed the students' self-evaluations of outcomes of learning in the seminar. Based on the surveys, we analyzed the students' answers and discussed the dependence of the attitudes on the outcomes. The analysis implied that the students who initially has clear targets in their future tend to get large outcomes in the seminar.

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