Departmental Bulletin Paper 多文化グループワークによるグローバル人材の育成 : 日本人学生と留学生とのClass Shareの教育実践より

李, 暁燕

2pp.36 - 47 , 2016-03-30 , 九州大学基幹教育院
It is debated on how to develop global human resources. The Japanese government has discussed 3 components of global human resources. However, there is not a clear or certain way to develop global human resources. We achieved an approach in our educational practice. We point out that multi-cultural group work in class-share is an efficient approach. Based on the author's previous research, we has constructed the process model (ASCI model) of multi-cultural group work. The author managed a learner-agency class in Kyushu University from 2014. The class consisted of both Japanese students and Chinese students. Since every student comes from different cultural and environmental backgrounds and majors, we define this group work as multi-cultural group work. In the class the author managed, students acquired awareness through the rotation of group discussion, interviews, and writing articles. They found they renewed both linguistic knowledge and cultural knowledge. This acquisition and development of knowledge is referred to as self-renewal. We think the progress of self-renewal is also knowledge creation at the same time. We found that self-renewal reflects the 3 components of global human resources. We will continue to verify the effectiveness of this method and develop a method of assessment.

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