Departmental Bulletin Paper 型に基づく八女の伝統産業の研究
A Study of YAME Traditional Industry based on the Mold

山下, 大智  ,  尾方, 義人

24pp.67 - 78 , 2016-03-16 , 九州大学大学院芸術工学研究院
Yame is one of the areas where a traditional industry is the most prosperous in Fukuoka. The purpose of this study is what records a technique and the knowledge of the traditional industry that has been cultivated for many years. And the purpose of this study is what enlightens it with the reevaluation of the traditional industry of Yame for the inside and outside of the city. Subjects of this study are Yame lantern, Yame Fukushima family's Buddhist altar, Yame stone garden lantern, Yame Japanese top, Japanese candle, cedar incense sticks in this study. The way of this study is observing and drawing the mold of each traditional industry, and interviewing to a craftsman. Recording essence, knowledge, the technique of the traditional industry of Yame by describing the observation of the mold of the traditional industry of Yame and the interview to a craftsman. And aiming at the making of opportunity that is connected for new industry by planning, for example, the exhibition of molds of Yame traditional industry.

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