Departmental Bulletin Paper レジリエンスデザイン試論 : 応用生理人類学研究センター : レジリエンスデザイン部門において
Resilience Design : An Attempt at Interpretation : On Resilience Design Section, Physiological Anthropology Research Center

尾方, 義人  ,  劉, 瑾  ,  末村, 裕子

23pp.59 - 63 , 2015-09-24 , 九州大学大学院芸術工学研究院
Physiological anthropology research center of Kyushu University serves as a department which plays a significant role in recognizing the validity of resilience design. However, the study on resilience design just got started and the macro conceptual definition has not been clear enough. Moreover, it merges in a wide range of research subjects and research methods. Combining the existing research of industrial design with the standpoint and cases in ergonomics, this paper extracts and analyzes the possible elastic design in Art and Engineering. Verification from officials responsible for advancing revival in reconstruction Bureau of Iwate Reconstruction, Reconstruction Agency. is also included and is described as a try.

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