Departmental Bulletin Paper 建設費助成制度にみる集会施設の実態と建替えの事業背景 : 持続可能な集会施設のモデル
The Attributes of Community Centers and the Business Environment ofReconstruction through Construction Subsidy System : A study on a sustainable community center model

佐倉, 浩之  ,  田上, 健一

23pp.23 - 33 , 2015-09-24 , 九州大学大学院芸術工学研究院
This study focuses on the feasibility of community center reconstruction, and how location, architectural planning, and project planning affect construction. Additionally, regarding financial plans, this study aims to examine the current state of public funding through an analysis of how grants are awarded, and obtain business findings that help promote the use of community centers in the future. The study found that the utilization of grants was primarily through a small number of elementary school districts, and that there is significant regional bias. Additionally, when looking at examples of past reconstruction, a strong relationship was found between location and administrative plans, and that it was possible to cover a portion of maintenance costs through measures such as rentals for circle activities. In regards to architecture, if separate rooms are provided in addition to main halls, multiple activities can be performed simultaneously and neighborhood associations can take full advantage of community centers without hesitation. Moreover, it was found that both financial and operational aspects could be validated through grant application procedures, and increase the quality of business plans. Although it is regrettable that the subsidy system is only utilized by a small portion of school districts, it is believed that the findings obtained from examples of past grants can be useful when constructing community centers in the future.

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