Journal Article Immunohistological Expression of p16^〈INK4a〉 is Commonly Present Both in Benign and Malignant Sweat Gland Neoplasias
p16^〈INK4a〉の免疫組織学的発現は, 良性および悪性の汗腺系腫瘍でともに高頻度に認められる

Tsujita, Jun  ,  Kaku, Yumiko  ,  Ichiki, Toshio  ,  Eto, Ayaka  ,  Maemura, Hiromi  ,  Otsuka, Akiko  ,  Nakaie, Risa  ,  Kitagawa, Noriko  ,  Morioka, Yuka  ,  Matsuda, Tomoyo

106 ( 12 )  , pp.323 - 329 , 2015-12-25 , 福岡医学会
The expression of p16INK4a has been reported to be a significant marker for malignant transformation of epidermal tumors. However, little is known about sweat gland tumors. We examined the immunohistological expression of p16INK4a in benign and malignant sweat gland tumors. The ductal and acrosyringial portion of normal eccrine glands were positively stained with p16INK4a, while it was negative in the normal epidermis. Moderate to strong expression of p16INK4a was found in 16 of 17 eccrine poromas, 4 of 5 hidradenomas, 3 of 3 syringocystadenoma papilliferums, 2 of 2 mixed tumors, and 3 of 3 syringomas. The p16INK4a expression was observed focally or diffusely in4 of 4 porocarcinomas, 4 of 4 apocrine carcinomas and 12 of 17 extramammary Pagetʼs diseases. We conclude that the p16INK4a expression is not a good marker for dictating malignant transformation of sweat gland tumors.
p16^<INK4a>の免疫組織学的発現は, 表皮の悪性化の指標の一つとされている. 汗腺腫瘍での検討はほとんど行われていない. 我々は, 良性および悪性汗腺腫瘍におけるp16^<INK4a>の免疫組織学的発現を検討した. 良性汗腺腫瘍では, 17例中16例のeccrine poroma, 5例中4例のhidradenoma, 3例中3例のsyringocystadenoma papilliferum, 2例中2例のmixed tumor, 3例中3例のsyringomaでp16^<INK4a>の発現を認めた. 悪性汗腺腫瘍では, 4例中4例のporocarcinoma, 4例中4例のapocrine carcinoma, 17例中12例のextramammary Pagetʼs disease でp16INK4aの発現を認めた. p16^<INK4a>の免疫組織学的発現は, 良性および悪性汗腺腫瘍でともに高頻度に認められたことから, 良性および悪性汗腺腫瘍を鑑別するマーカーには成り得ないと結論付けた.

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