Departmental Bulletin Paper 中国におけるビジネス日本語教育の体系化に関する一提案 : 先行研究概観に基づいて
A proposal for the systematization of Business Japanese education in China : Based on literature research

仇, 文俊

4pp.51 - 66 , 2016-02-29 , 九州大学大学院地球社会統合科学府
The increase in Japanese-funded enterprises in China has seen Business Japanese education gain increasingly more attention within the country. At the same time, surveys indicate that Business Japanese education in China seriously lacks Systematization and Practicality. In order to address this issue, this thesis has carried out a detailed investigation into the relevant literature available on Business Japanese education. Given the nature of the research, the literature has been divided into two categories. The first concerns what should be taught in Business Japanese education, which includes research on education theory, the enterprise's needs, as well as the Japanese that is used by the employee. The second relates to investigations into the field of education, specifically those that deal with the status of education, practice reports, and also those that provide an analysis of teaching materials. Through this research this thesis has developed and systematized a curriculum for Business Japanese education in China. Entitled “Language study, Culture study, Practical training”, three aspects of Business Japanese education, namely “Business Japanese, Economy Commerce, and Internship”, have been incorporated into this curriculum. A more detailed summary of the specific content is yet to be put forward, which is an issue that could be addressed and picked up in future research.

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