Departmental Bulletin Paper Factors Influencing Consumer Willingness to Consume Genetically Modified Soybean Oil and Rice in China

Chen, Tinggui  ,  Liu, Mingwei  ,  Nanseki, Teruaki  ,  Li, Dongpo  ,  Chen, Miaomiao

61 ( 1 )  , pp.195 - 203 , 2016-02-29 , 九州大学大学院農学研究院
The objective of this paper is to study the factors influencing consumer willingness to consume (WTC) the genetically modified (GM) foods in the case of the GM soybean oil and the insect–resistant GM rice. The seemingly unrelated regression model was adopted and consumers in Shanghai city were surveyed. The results show that consumer WTC GM soybean oil and GM rice is influenced by some factors that cannot be observed, however the observable factors make an obvious difference. The positive information has positive impact on consumers' WTC the GM soybean oil. The negative information predominates when the positive and negative information are simultaneously presented. The consumers' inherent awareness and safety evaluation of GM soybean oil has a significantly positive impact on the WTC. The impact of the negative publicity and consumers' attitude to compulsory labeling system is negative. Other factors significantly affect the WTC: gender, kid, professional status, income, reading of label information, evaluation of government regulation and purchasing frequency.

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