Departmental Bulletin Paper Study on Fire Identification using Combustion Pattern Analysis of Pine Trees According to Climate Change in Korea

Park, Young-Ju  ,  Lee, Si–Young  ,  Lee, Hae-Pyeong  ,  Baek, Min-Ho  ,  Ohga, Shoji  ,  Oga, Shoji

61 ( 1 )  , pp.29 - 35 , 2016-02-29 , 九州大学大学院農学研究院
This study monthly combustion tests were conducted on pine green leaves during June 2008 ~ May 2012 (4 years) for combustion pattern analysis of forest fires according to climate change in Korea. As result of research, fuel humidity of 75~178% was shown for 4 years in which much difference was shown according to climate. Period of frequent forest fires with high risk was shown to be in April and November, and it was shown that influence of fuel humidity was shown. Especially, April showed pattern of relatively higher risk of forest fires than October and range of auto ignition temperature was 270~355˚C in which temperature difference of 85˚C was shown according to climate change. Total heat release was shown in range of 11~72 MJ/m^2 for 4 years, as April showed 41~56 MJ/m^2 and November showed 21~33 MJ/m^2 that April which had low fuel humidity showed relatively high heat release. Total smoke release was shown in range of 159~951m^2/m^2 for 4 years, as April showed 311~951m^2/m^2 and November showed 246~322m^2/m^2. Therefore, it could be known that April relatively releases more smoke than October. For carbon release, CO showed 1.6586~26.1460 g range and CO_2 showed 36.412~100.01 g range for 4 years and this concentration of combustion product has severe change by season that high release of CO and CO_2 is shown in April through May.

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