Conference Paper クォータ変更に伴うストレージ使用量変化の分析

川谷, 卓哉  ,  伊東, 栄典  ,  笠原, 義晃  ,  下園, 幸一

Information systems such as email service are fundamental infrastructure to support organization activity. For the department maintaining intra-institutional information systems, it is important to estimate system resource consumption throughout the lifetime of each system. For example, to prepare a storage system with appropriate capacity, it is necessary to grasp the long-term trend of storage consumption by users. Users’ storage usage pattern tends to exhibit a long-tailed distribution in many information systems. We proposed an optimal quota value estimation based on approximated storage usage distribution by power-law distribution. Based on the estimation, we changed quota of the email system in Kyushu University. In this research, we evaluate the effect of increasing quota, and analyzed the change of users' storage usage distribution and usage trend of entire system. We also validate that our estimation method of quota and total storage consumption using power-law distribution is suitable for real email system.

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