Research Paper Fabrication-Aware Geometry Processing

Panozzo, Daniele

64pp.113 - 115 , 2015-09-18 , 九州大学マス・フォア・インダストリ研究所
The advent of commodity 3D manufacturing is increasing the demand for advanced design tools that make the designed shapes physically realizable. In this talk, I will present fabricationaware algorithms to solve classical geometry processing problems such as intersection-free mesh deformation, surface parametrization and semi-regular meshing. In particular, I will focus on the interactive design of tangent vector fields, whose applications include the conversion of raw point clouds into coarse control grids, the design of planar tessellations and the design of self-supporting masonry buildings. To conclude the talk, I will give an overview of recent techniques that use mesh parametrization algorithms to apply a texture map to real-world objects using hydrographic printing.

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