Research Paper Wang Tiles Modeling of Wall Patterns

Derouet-Jourdan, Alexandre  ,  Mizoguchi, Yoshihiro  ,  Salvati, Marc

64pp.61 - 70 , 2015-09-18 , 九州大学マス・フォア・インダストリ研究所
Wall patterns are essential in the creation of textures for visually rich buildings. Particularly, irregular wall patterns give an organic and lively feeling to the building. In this paper, we introduce a modeling method for wall patterns using Wang tiles which are known for creating aperiodic tiling of the plane under certain conditions. We introduce a class of Wang tiles and prove that any rectangle with border constraints and bigger than a 2 × 2 rectangle can be tiled. We use this proof to derive a tiling algorithm that is in linear time. Finally, we gives some results of our algorithm and compare the computation time with previous Wang tiling algorithms introduced in computer graphics [2, 7].

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