Research Paper A Simple Method for Morphing Smoke

Dobashi, Yoshinori  ,  Tani, Tsubasa  ,  Sato, Syuhei  ,  Yamamoto, Tsuyoshi

64pp.54 - 60 , 2015-09-18 , 九州大学マス・フォア・インダストリ研究所
Recently, computer graphics has been used in many applications, such as computer games and movies. In the field of computer graphics, physically based simulation of fluids is one of the most important research topics and it allows us to synthesize highly realistic images of fluid phenomena. However, one of the problems with the fluid simulation is the high computational cost, making its applicability limited. This paper proposes a method for efficiently synthesizing smoke animations by applying the idea of image morphing to the simulated density distributions of smoke. We precompute a set of dynamic density distributions by numerical fluid simulation and then create inbetween density distributions by deforming and blending the precomputed density distributions.

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