Departmental Bulletin Paper From Schema-Based Information to Situation Models : How Can We Bridge Theories of Comprehension and Practice?

O. Loschky, Miki  ,  Shimizu, Toshihiro

35pp.113 - 122 , 2015-11-24 , Faculty of Languages and Cultures, Kyushu University
Building on previous research regarding how the schema theory has been incorporated into L2 reading research in relation to how language proficiency plays a role in activating appropriate schemata, this paper compares and contrasts the schema-based approach to reading comprehension with that of alternative comprehension models that emphasize situation models as the central construct. The situation model theory of reading comprehension is applicable to an L2 literacy instruction. Text comprehension research shows that L2 readers' weaker lexical and syntactic representations in the target language affect understanding of text at varied comprehension levels. In terms of practical applications of the situation model theory, the authors discuss how teachers can engage L2 learners in pre-reading, during reading, and post-reading activities using different comprehension models. Accommodations such as this should allow the teachers to assist their students to compensate for their rather limited linguistic knowledge in their L2.

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