Conference Paper Design and Installation of a Hybrid-Spar Floating Wind Turbine Platform

Utsunomiya, Tomoaki  ,  Sato, Iku  ,  Kobayashi, Osamu  ,  Shiraishi, Takashi  ,  Harada, Takashi

A floating offshore wind turbine platform supporting a 2MW downwind-type turbine was successfully installed offshore of Kabashima Island, Goto city, Nagasaki prefecture, Japan on October 18, 2013. It has been operating since October 28, 2013 as the first grid-connected multi-megawatt floating wind turbine in Japan. The spar platform has a unique feature, that is, the upper part of the spar is made of steel (as usual) but the lower part is made of precast prestressed concrete (PC). Such a configuration is referred to as hybrid-spar. In this paper, the design methodology of the hybrid spar is presented — including environmental design conditions, DLCs (Design Load Cases), dynamic analysis, fatigue analysis, etc. Also, the installation procedure is presented briefly.

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