Departmental Bulletin Paper 日中の新聞コラムにおけるタイトルの特徴について
The Characteristics of Titles in Japanese and Chinese Newspaper Columns

単, 艾婷

3pp.27 - 32 , 2015-09-25 , 九州大学大学院地球社会統合科学府
This paper will analyze two newspaper columns entitled "Tensei Jingo" and "Enzan Yawa", aiming to discuss and contrast the characteristics of the titles. With regards to the composition of these titles, noun phrases are present in both "Tensei Jingo" and "Enzan Yawa". There are a imperative sentences evident in "Enzan Yawa," which is not the case in "Tensei Jingo". In terms of the contents of the titles, "Tensei Jingo" is very concrete and specific, whereas "Enzan Yawa" is more impressive and imposing. It is possible that, to some extent, a reader could predict the content of what will follow from just reading the title "Tensei Jingo". In contrast, the title "Enzan Yawa" attracts interest and draws in a reader by making them question "What (is that about)"?, allowing it's audience to read on and discover the subject of the column themselves.

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