Departmental Bulletin Paper 田代代官所領関係史料と「一件記録」
The document and record of Tashiro Magistrate office and "Ikkenkiroku"

吉田, 昌彦

22 ( 1 )  , pp.23 - 37 , 2015-07-25 , 九州大学大学院地球社会統合科学府
In this thesis, the following findings were obtained by analyzing the documents and records of Tashiro(田代) Magistrate office of Tsushima(対馬) clan. 1, The records has developed from the type that simply recorded matter into the typethat provides with wide content that covers concrete content of the administration that relates to matter, finally, into "Ikkenkiroku(一件記録)". 2, "Ikkenkiroku(一件記録)" is the compiled record with explanation and document . 3, The Tsushima clan maintained the documents and the records of the clan by acquiring the records and the books in the village. 4, The village government official madethe records of the clan agency. 5, It is thought that the villageoffice was a part of the clan agency for making documents and records. 6, When the rule period was short, the lord was not so ardent to the collection of the book and the record for the village rule. For this reason,the village had the more kind of books and records. 7, When the rule period was long, the lord tried to establish a perfect system of thebooks and the records.

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