Journal Article 福岡県油症検診(2011-2014年度)受診者における血液中PCB濃度と傾向
Blood PCB Concentrations and their Tendencies Examined in Fukuoka 2011-2014 Annual Inspections for Yusho

安武, 大輔  ,  小木曽, 俊孝  ,  堀, 就英  ,  宮脇, 崇  ,  山本, 貴光  ,  梶原, 淳睦  ,  Kajiwara, Junboku  ,  平田, 輝昭  ,  内, 博史  ,  古江, 増隆

106 ( 5 )  , pp.154 - 159 , 2015-05-25 , 福岡医学会
We measured PCBs of blood of 154 people in the Yusho medical check-up from January 2011 through December 2014 and analyzed their PCB blood patterns. Eleven examinees were newly certified as Yusho patients during these 4 years. Of these 11, we identified three Yusho patients with the A pattern, five with the B pattern, and three with the BC pattern. We found no Yusho patients with the C pattern. The B pattern was found in 27 of the 154 examinees, such that the probability that an examinee with the B pattern would be certified as a Yusho patient was about 20%. Since 2012, any family members living with a Yusho patient have also been certified as Yusho patients. The number ofsuch family cohabitants was 16, among whom the PCB pattern was uniformly the C pattern. There were 20 examinees born after 1989, and all those examinees were Yusho-suspected persons. The total PCB concentrations of this younger-age group was less than 0.5 ng/g on average and was low compared with the normal controls.

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