Departmental Bulletin Paper ジュニアバドミントン選手を対象としたスポーツメンタルトレーニングの実施 : ジュニア選手へ有効な方法論の考察
Sports mental training for junior badminton athletes : Study of the effective means for junior athletes

阪田, 俊輔  ,  山﨑, 将幸  ,  河津, 慶太  ,  須﨑, 康臣  ,  池本, 雄基  ,  髙井, 真佐代  ,  杉山, 佳生

37pp.47 - 56 , 2015-03-26 , 九州大学健康科学編集委員会
The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of sports mental training (SMT) in junior badminton athletes, and to consider effective means of implementing SMT with junior athletes. Subjects included two females (junior high school students) and two males (elementary school students). SMT was carried out 23-25 times for one year, and comprised relaxation, goal setting, logbook tasks, and analysis of peak performance. The effect of SMT was measured using the Diagnostic Inventory of Psychological-Competitive Ability for Athletes (DIPCA.3) as well as comments from the trainers and subjects. There were initially some problems with subjects' communication skills. Therefore, they were also trained in communication skills using a special method. The effect of SMT was as follows: 1) Total DIPCA.3 scores improved in all subjects. 2) Subjects reported that nervousness during matches was reduced. 3) Subjects got the best results in tournament. 4) The time subjects spent expressing their emotions, ideas, and impressions was shorter. In summary, SMT was quick and effective, and special training in communication skills could further improve the effects of SMT.

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