Departmental Bulletin Paper 職場のパワーハラスメント:現状と対応
Workplace harassment : Current state and strategy

入江, 正洋

37pp.23 - 35 , 2015-03-26 , 九州大学健康科学編集委員会
Occupational stress has increased in Japanese workers because of changes in working environments and systems, such as organizational restructuring, or decreased consideration for others in the workplace. Workplace bullying, mobbing and/or harassment have received considerable attention in Japan in recent years. Particularly, workplace harassment, including so-called "power harassment" in Japanese, is a serious occupational problem for workers, especially for those who are in a weak position. The concept of power harassment is extended in consideration of complicated and increased number of sufferers. In 2011, Japan Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare sponsored a round-table meeting to investigate the current state of power harassment at work and discuss how to cope with the situation. Although a growing body of literatures have demonstrated the impact of workplace bullying, mobbing and sexual harassment on workers' health and job outcomes, little has done regarding power harassment. It is required to develop effective techniques and tools for preventing and managing workplace power harassment. This review overviews Japanese power harassment in view of current state, several kinds of impairments, the Workers' Compensation Law for Job Induced Mental Disorders, and strategy for preventing power harassment.

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