Departmental Bulletin Paper 九州大学農学部附属福岡演習林の学術参考保護林
The preserved forests of the Kasuya Research Forest in Kyushu University

壁村, 勇二  ,  大崎, 繁  ,  扇, 大輔  ,  Ogi, Daisuke  ,  柳池, 定  ,  大東, 且人  ,  浦, 正一  ,  中江, 透  ,  市橋, 隆自  ,  菱, 拓雄

96pp.34 - 41 , 2015-03-30 , 九州大学農学部附属演習林
To protect the distinctive stand among the naturally forest of the Fukuoka Research Forest in Kyushu University, five preserved forests including a woody liana stand, Abies firma stand, Juniperus rigida stand, Diospyros japonica stand, Castanopsis cuspidata and Quercus salicina stand were selected, and were set a fixed plot of 20mX20m in each preserved forest to quantify the stand structure. The woody liana plot included 19 species, and the dominant species were Quercus glauca, Camellia japonica and Eurya japonica. The dominant woody lianas were Anodendron affine, Wisteria brachybotrys and Rosa sambucina.The Abies firma plot included 14 species, and the dominant species were A. firma, Machilus thunbergii, and Quercus serrata. Juniperus rigida plot included 10 species, and the dominant species were Pinus densiflora, J. rigida and Q. serrata. The Diospyros japonica plot include 17 species, and the dominant species were Q. glauca, Neolitsea sericea and Q.serrata. The Castanopsis cuspidata plot included16 species, and the dominant species were C. cuspidata, Quercus salicina and Q. serrata.

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