Book 正保期の城目録をめぐって

西田, 博

The Tokugawa Shogunate ordered Daimyos to prepare and submit the Shoho Shiro-ezu(正保城絵図) in the mid-17th century, which so far has been clear. The possibility is that, along with those maps, mokuroku(目録) or written documents of brief outlines of each castle, were also submitted to the Shogunate.This paper introduces eight cases of documents, which, though of duplicated copies, strongly suggest the possibility. The documents are characterized by several facts: 1) the title has the provincial name such as Chikuzen-no-kuni(筑前国), 2) the castle name does not have the prefix of “On(御)”, 3) the preparer’s name is that of a Daimyo, 4) the content is closely related with the Shoho Shiro-ezu, and so forth.If the documents were submitted to the Shogunate, it means, it could have been transcribed to make a certificate of the ownership of the castle, just as the ryochi-mokuroku(領知目録).

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