Departmental Bulletin Paper 教養映画科目における評論課題に適する作品 : 『ビフォア・ザ・レイン』
A Movie Suitable for a Film Course in General Education : Before the Rain

鈴木, 右文

34pp.77 - 88 , 2015-03-20 , 九州大学大学院言語文化研究院
A college level course, which offers students the opportunity to expand their ability to appreciate their film experience by studying artistic films and Japanese classical masterpieces, has been designed by the author and his colleagues as a general education course at Kyushu University. In order to fulfill one of the course requirements, participants have to submit a film analysis based on works they view in class; this is a real challenge to many of them. They have developed a habit of seeing movies just for fun and simply never captured any work in an academic or analytical fashion. This unfortunate state of affairs, however, must be overcome if university education in Japan is to broaden their background for the purpose of a stimulating and intellectual life. The present article aims at clarifying what type of films are appropriate for the term paper of an introductory movie class, focusing on actual analyses of Before the Rain (directed by Milcho Manchevsky) by those students who took the author's film course in the spring semester 2013. This movie is replete with opportunities which challenge the viewers to consider various interpretations of the academic and artistic style of the director. The most conspicuous of those features is an extremely impressive loop structure in which the ending goes back to the beginning. Other points include the interpretation of the titles of the three chapters, the implication of poems, the meaning of "rain", the colors of the clothes, religious consequences, the political and historic background of the conflicts in the area described and the director's intentions.

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