Departmental Bulletin Paper 日中同形語辞典の問題点及びその改善策をめぐって
On Problems of Japanese/Chinese Homograph Dictionaries and The Remedial Measures

王, 燦娟

22pp.59 - 65 , 2015-03-26 , 九州大学大学院芸術工学研究院
This study is an attempt to analyze problems of Japanese/Chinese homograph dictionaries and give remedial measures. In addition, the nature of Japanese/Chinese homograph dictionaries, which are helpful in learning and researching both Japanese and Chinese, is also presented The analyses lead to the following conclusions:①as Japanese/Chinese homographs with exactly the same meanings or with completely different meanings are very rare, a title like "A Dictionary of Japanese/Chinese Homographs with Different Meanings" should be avoided. Instead, a more precise title like "A Dictionary of Japanese/Chinese Homographs" should be used;②as there are many mistranslations in the interpretations of words and in the example usage in all the (already published) Japanese/Chinese homograph dictionaries, the accuracy and understandability of translations needs to be pursued. Besides, marked differences in use frequency of an headword between Japanese and Chinese need also to be mentioned;③as grammatical misuses are very common, the part of speech should he specified. Especially for headwords with multiple meanings and/or multiple parts of speech, it's necessary to specify those parts of speech according to the meaning;④as misuses in collocations and phrases are also very common, notable differences in those two aspects between the two languages need to be emphasized.

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