Departmental Bulletin Paper 分別協力度を考慮した事業系生ごみ資源化の環境評価 : 不良生ごみの覆土助材利用シナリオの検討
Environmental Assessment of Business-related Garbage Recycling System on Consideration of Degree of Segregating Garbage. : Taking in a Scenario of Using Unrecyclable Garbage as Auxiliary Cover Material

工藤, 亜美  ,  近藤, 加代子  ,  松藤, 康司

22pp.45 - 58 , 2015-03-26 , 九州大学大学院芸術工学研究院
Given the recycling of business-related garbage haven't progressed so much, we need to evaluate the recycling system based on the specific problems in business-related garbage. We did LCA analysis not only based on each recycling methods, but also on regional practical conditions recycling rate and garbage properties are caused by different policies, under an assumption that multiple of recycling methods could coexist in an actual regional. We also considered scenarios with a high rate by using garbage, with a bad quality and unrecyclable, as cover soil in landfills. The best recycling methods were composting and methanation, with the worst was incineration according to the LCA analysis on each recycling methods. While in the LCA analysis on the practical conditions, the scenario using un-recyclable garbage was the best.

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