Departmental Bulletin Paper 音響設計学科の教育における最初の専門科目としての「聴能形成」の導入
Introduction of "Technical Listening Training" as the First Class of the Specialized Curriculum of Department of Acoustical Design

河原, 一彦  ,  高田, 正幸  ,  岩宮, 眞一郎  ,  Iwamiya, Shinichiro

22pp.1 - 9 , 2015-03-26 , 九州大学大学院芸術工学研究院
Technical Listening Training (TLT) is a class of a systematic training program aimed to comprehend the relationship between physical properties of sound and auditory impression and to improve auditory sensitivity. TLT was developed as a part of the curriculum to be acoustic engineers and sound designers in Department of Acoustic Design (DAD), Kyushu Institute of Design, and have been provided after the integration with Kyushu University. As the new basic (KIKAN) education curriculum of Kyushu University has started from the school year 2014, TLT was carried out in the spring semester for freshmen as the only one class of the specialized curriculum of DAD in Ito campus. In order to carry out TLT in Ito campus, the mobile-type TLT system was created. At the end of spring semester, the evaluation of the class and the questionnaire survey was examined to confirm the educational effects of TLT. The students admitted the importance of TLT and understood its educational meaning. The educational effects of TLT were clarified by comparison of training scores with those of previous years. Furthermore, according to the opinions of the students, TLT was supposed to contribute to creating identity as a student of DAD. TLT is assumed to be an appropriate for the first Class of the specialized curriculum of DAD.

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